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Terms of Use www.acobaporter.com:

1. Definitions:

acob à porter:

-It is a trademark of SC 21EASTGROW SRL, a legal entity of Romanian nationality, having its registered office in Bucharest, Str. C-tin Brancusi no. 23, cam. no. 1, bl. T4-T5, Sc. 1, Et. 10, Ap. 39, with serial number in the Trade Register J40 / 10296/2017, unique fiscal registration code 3783149

E-mail: info@acobaporter.com


- The present document.




- It is any USER who makes an order on the WEBSITE.


- It is any natural or legal person who makes an Account on the WEBSITE and has accepted this TERMS AND CONDITIONS.


- The section on WEBSITE to which the BUYER has access using an email address and password. Here is all the details and history of the BUYER's activity since the creation of the ACCOUNT.


- Domain www.acobaporter.com and all its subdomains.


- All information on the WEBSITE that can be viewed or accessed via electronic equipment, or communicated using e-mail;


- Goods or services made available to the BUYER within a specified time period at a specific price.


- It is the means of periodic information, exclusively by e-mail, about goods and services or promotions made by acob à porter in a certain period, without any commitment from the acob à porter with reference to the information contained therein.


- Represents the use of the WEBSITE in a manner contrary to applicable practice, regulations and legislation in force, or in any other way that may cause injury to the user.

2. Using the website www.acobaporter.com

2.1. The information published on the WEBSITE is information of general interest, about acob à porter, products and services offered by it, information considered by acob à porter as of interest to the USER.

2.2. Text content, logo, static images, dynamic images, WEB graphics, scripts, programs and the MULTIMEDIA CONTENT presented on this WEBSITE are the exclusive property of acob à porter.

3. Limitation of liability

3.1. acob à porter is not and can not be held responsible for damages caused by errors, inaccuracies or inactivity of information published or maintained on the WEBSITE, which is not due to its fault.

3.2. If prices or other product details have been misspelled, including because they have been mistakenly entered in the database, we are given the right to cancel the delivery of the product and to notify the customer by phone or by e-mail in the shortest time, about the error, if the product has not yet been delivered.

3.3. The characteristics of the products presented on the WEBSITE are made available by our manufacturers and suppliers and acob à porter assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of this information.

3.4. The prices of products on this WEBSITE are informative and may be subject to unannounced changes. All products presented on this WEBSITE are available within the physical stock limit. In the event of stock depletion, the acob à porter representative will offer alternatives by presenting other similar products as a layout and technical specification to the ordered product whose stock has exhausted.

3.5. Images are also shown on the WEBSITE as an example, and the products delivered may differ from images in any way due to changes in features or appearance without prior notice by manufacturers.

3.6. A pre-order product is a product to be launched and can be purchased before launch. The manufacturer reserves the right to change without notice the launch date and product price. Pre-order items are added to the cart in the same way as any other product in the online store. Pre-orders are paid in the same way as a normal order, by any of the accepted payment methods. In either situation, it is necessary to wait for the telephone or email confirmation from an operator when the product becomes available. You can drop a pre-order at any time. If the latter has already been paid, you can opt to refund or credit your account for another order.

3.7. acob à porter reserves the right to complete and modify any information on the WEBSITE.

3.8. Any problem caused by the products and services submitted on the SITE will be settled amicably within 15 working days of the date of written notice of the problems by the UTILIZER.

3.9. acob à porter is not responsible for any loss, costs, claims, expenses, or other liability if it is directly caused by non-compliance with the Terms and Conditions. Also, acob à porter is not responsible for damages caused by the non-functioning of the WEBSITE as well as for those resulting from the impossibility of accessing certain links published on the WEBSITE.

4. Warranty and Return:

4.1. The guarantee of conformity is the warranty provided by the seller, according to the legislation in force. It is a period of time between 6 months and 2 years in which the SELLER warrants that the product sold conforms to the specifications he has pledged to sell. This warranty is independent of the technical or commercial warranty. It may be smaller, larger or equal and is not subject to technical failures.

4.2. The time period set for remedying the repair is no more than 15 calendar days from the date the buyer notified the seller of the product's non-compliance.

4.3. In accordance with OG21 / 1992, the SELLER is required to provide the BUYER with: warranty certificate (for durable products only), instruction manual, use or installation. The products for sale must be accompanied by the instruction manuals in the Romanian language, declarations of conformity.

4.4. Under current legislation, waiver is only applicable to individual customers. The BUYER has the right to notify in writing the trader that he / she renounces the purchase without penalty and without invoking a reason within 15 working days of receipt of the product or, in the case of service provision, from the conclusion of the contract. Disclaimer of purchase within 15 days applies only to products delivered by courier.

The returned product must be in the same condition as it was delivered (in original packaging with all accessories, intact labels and accompanying documents). The return costs will be borne by the customer, and the reimbursement will be made within 30 days of the return.

5. Legislation:

- Law 363/2001 - on combating the incorrect practices of traders in relation to consumers;

- Ordinance no. 21/1992 - on consumer protection;

- Ordinance no. 130/2000 on the protection of consumers when concluding and executing distance contracts;

- Law 449/2003 - on the sale of products and associated guarantees;

Despre noi

acob à porter este un brand 100% romanesc care propune o linie vestimentara atemporala, tesaturi de inalta calitate, produse si finisate in Europa.